Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, 550 University Avenue, Toronto, ON, M5G 2A2

Toronto Rehab - University Centre Location

Toronto Rehab is Canada's largest academic health sciences centre dedicated to adult rehabilitation and continuing care. In addition to providing patient care, Toronto Rehab is also the number one rehabilitation research centre in the world. Scientists at our state-of-the-art iDAPT research facility work to develop innovative technologies, advanced treatments, and practical solutions to support real-life challenges faced by people with disability. Our research also aims to prevent injury and illness by developing more effective industrial design to make streets, homes, and workplaces safer.

One of our areas of focus at Toronto Rehab is sleep apnea research. In response to the need for a more cost-effective, convenient way to diagnose sleep apnea, researchers at Toronto Rehab developed BresoDx® - a small, cordless device that uses breath sounds and head movements to diagnose sleep apnea while the patient wears it overnight at home. BresoDx® is an attractive alternative to traditional sleep apnea diagnosis method, in which patients have to spend a whole night away from home in a sleep lab, often after being on a wait list for many months.

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BresoDx® device